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When you are arrested and taken to jail, you may be able to get out of custody before your trial if you are able to convince the judge that you are not going to flee or commit other crimes while on bail. However, being eligible for bail does not mean that you will get it, even if you can afford it. That’s because judges have broad discretion over who can and cannot be released on bail. To find out if you are eligible for bail, remember the following aspects explained below by the expert criminal lawyers Sydney:

Prior Convictions:

If you’ve been arrested multiple times before, or have several convictions under your belt, bail will probably be unattainable. The judge will likely think that you have no interest in showing up to court. If you have more than one conviction on your record, it makes sense to hire the best criminal lawyers Sydney. Also, the seriousness of the offence may influence the amount you are supposed to pay. If eligible, minor crimes will attract lower bail compared to more serious offences.

Your Background:

Bail can be granted or denied based on your wealth and occupation as well. If the judge finds out your employment is good enough and that you can attend the court hearings without hassles, you will most likely obtain bail.

criminal solicitors Sydney

Threat to the Society:

According to the criminal solicitors Sydney, if you have a history of drug or alcohol abuse, or are unstable and unable to care for yourself, you are likely to be considered a threat to society and denied bail. If you cannot prove that you will not be a threat if released, no judge will let you out. For example, an individual who is an alcoholic with arrests for driving under the influence is unlikely to receive bail from a court.

Applicant May Not be a Flight Risk:

To qualify for bail, you need to prove that you aren’t a flight risk. It’s up to you, as well as your family and friends, to make sure bail is granted by showing that it’s likely you will show up in court on time. The prosecution can point out reasons why they think you’re more likely to flee, including previous criminal record, history of skipping out on bills, or failing to appear at important events (such as hearings). As mentioned earlier, if the judge does a background check on you and understands that you agree to the conditions, your odds of obtaining bail go way up.

These factors are generally used to determine whether or not bail will be granted to an individual facing criminal charges in court. For more assistance, consider consulting with one of the best criminal law firms Sydney near you today.

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