Restraining orders are protective orders that legally oblige a person not to contact or approach another person. This restraining order is used to keep people with problems separate from each other. If you are concerned about your safety, getting a court order is part of the defense process.

The terms of such orders vary from state to state and different things apply. Some rules are common to everyone. The following information usually applies to all protection order Singapore harassment.

Restraining orders are subject to very strict rules, and violation of the order can lead to very severe penalties. The charges that can be brought when a restraining order is violated can in some cases range from contempt of court to a felony. This can result in state jail time and is enforceable by any law enforcement agency that is informed of the restraining order.

Typically, such orders will contain specific information about the expiration date. Otherwise, the maturity is expected to be three years from the date of issue. Some aspects of the child custody order do not expire until the court deems it so.

The person to whom the order has been served must inform the court of the receipt of this order. This usually takes 72 hours. If they violate the terms of the restraining order before being notified, the police will notify them and then enforce the order if they do not comply immediately.

Another important part of the order is the fact that the person being served cannot own or own a firearm. This is due to the high potential for violence in many of these situations. Failure to comply with this court order could result in fines and imprisonment.

Child custody issues cannot conflict with the terms of a restraining order. The best interests of the child are always valued above all others.

If for any reason you are unable to attend what is often called a reasoned hearing, or if the court is closed on that day, the local police department may issue a so-called Emergency Protection Order, which essentially serves the same goals as TRO and will remain in effect until the next business day when you can go to court. During the hearing, both parties will have the opportunity to present their views with or without legal advice and, if necessary, explain why a permanent restraining order should be issued.

Many people have filed a warrant and think that this is all it takes for safety. Unfortunately, this is rare as people can only be arrested after they have violated a restraining order. Because of this, sometimes the damage has already been done. If you face death, filing a restraining order is of course mandatory. However, you should also take steps to ensure your safety beyond preparing and submitting this legal form.