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The field of litigation and dispute resolution is at the heart of the legal world. It requires multidisciplinary legal knowledge alongside creativity in planning, high communication capabilities, business and economic orientation, and the ability to go into detail. The litigation and dipute resolution singapore is one of the oldest and leading in handling legal proceedings in all courts. The department’s lawyers are top-notch, and successes echo and precedent under them.

Litigation Resolution law firm

The department’s staff has lawyers with experience appearing in all courts – from lower courts to the supreme court. The department provides litigation and dispute resolution services in commercial and civil law, including:

  • Business and commercial disputes;
  • Disputes in the field of corporate law;
  • Affiliate and shareholder disputes;
  • Internet and technology claims;
  • Intellectual-property disputes;
  • Claims relating to commercial wrongdoing;
  • Representation in arbitration and mediation proceedings;
  • Consumer claims;
  • Real estate claims and building defects;

The litigation and dipute resolution singapore specializes in finding creative solutions and adapting them to the client, based on accumulated knowledge and experience, to avoid being dragged into litigation proceedings unnecessarily. However, the department has a team of skilled lawyers who do not hesitate to lead in court – to stand up for their clients’ rights and win them a lawsuit.

The department is characterized by multidisciplinary relationships with other departments of the company, such as the Commercial Law Department and the Real Estate Law Department, which are relevant to creating a complete picture and ensuring that the client receives advice in all broad areas related to the business.

litigation and dipute resolution singapore

 A litigator engaged in commercial litigation has an understanding of:

  1. The business fabric that led to the dispute and knowledge of the manners and trading mechanisms that apply to the case before it.
  2. High verbal abilities and charisma evident in the talent of appearing before the judicial courts, alongside understanding the dynamics between the parties to the proceedings

and the decisive factor in it (judge, arbitrator, committee chairman, etc.), improvisational ability and quick thinking, and high interpersonal skills.

  1. Proficiency in legal argument and the rules of civil procedure, alongside expertise in the relevant substantive law.

Civil litigation that requires the professional accompaniment of the client:

  1. building the account by collecting evidence and documents and questioning the witnesses,
  2. eloquent and convincing wording of claims,
  3. negotiating, reaching a settlement or settlement, or managing the case until it is decided in the courts, including appeals courts.


Civil litigation includes handling any commercial dispute, the decision of which involves litigation with legal courts, tribunals, committees, various regulatory bodies, arbitrations, mediations, and quasi-judicial bodies.

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